Search Models

As every client has different demands, Focused Staffing has different search models to meet these needs.

Executive Retained Searches

This model applies to roles that are Director level and above or to any role that is critical that our client needs urgent attention and they would like to have a dedicated team on that particular search.

How it works

After gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s needs, we assign a dedicated team to the search that works on nothing else, but that particular role. We help write a job description and name specific companies to target. We then research who within those companies are the right candidate and do backdoor reference checks to ensure they would be an excellent fit.

After interviewing the candidate, we present those that are qualified to our client and start the interview process. We work with our client’s staffing team to get all interviews done as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. We then gather detailed feedback from each person interviewing the candidate and present the summary to the Hiring Manager for each candidate with our recommendations.

Once a candidate is selected and an offer letter is put together, we ensure both parties are satisfied with the offer and negotiate as necessary to make it so.

Our guarantee on all Executive Retained Searches is 12 months from the start of hire.

Contingent Searches

For any Sr. Manager roles down to Individual Contributor, we recommend our contingent model search.

How it works

After speaking with the Hiring Manager to understand the role, we assign the search to a recruiter that is specialized in that particular field. All of our recruiters are only assigned 2-3 roles at any given time.

The recruiter then does a thorough scan through our database to see who is potentially qualified and reaches out to them. Concurrently they name specific companies that could potentially have this type of candidate and target those.

Each candidate is thoroughly screened to ensure they are qualified. Only after they pass our test do we submit them to the Hiring Manager and our client’s internal recruiter. We work with our client’s team to ensure rapid scheduling of interviews and help with any step of this process. Once the candidate is selected by our client, we help negotiate the offer so both our client and candidate is satisfied.

Our guarantee on all Contingent Search is 90 days from the start of hire.