Most recruitment companies concentrate on one thing: speed. How fast can you find a candidate who then gets hired? While speed is very important, it’s not the main factor. You can send in ten resumes that aren’t a good fit and just waste everyone’s time.

Our philosophy: the more we know, the better and faster we’ll be able to find the perfect candidate.

When we take on a new client, we try to understand everything there is to know about the business. Not only the details about the position itself, but the company’s structure and culture, the Hiring Manager’s viewpoint on the role, why someone should join the company and the soft skills the candidate should have.

Then we dig in deep and look for the perfect candidate.

Finding a great candidate isn’t about “who’s available.” Most of the time, the best candidate is happily employed. At Focused, we present the opportunity in the correct light so the potential candidate can see the value in interviewing and exploring the opportunity.

We don’t just send out messages or put up ads in hopes that the potential candidate reads them and sends in a resume. No, we are traditional headhunters; we name the companies and specific people to target. We are expert at finding and attracting top level talent.

Once we have someone interested in the role and we’ve presented them, we don’t stop there. We work with our clients each step of the way to ensure interviews are done in a timely manner, to help negotiate the compensation package and to make sure the chosen individual arrives on day one. And even after that, we keep in close communication with the Hiring Manager and the candidate to ensure things are going well.

So you see, we’re not just interested in speed of response. Sure, we want candidates as fast as our clients do, but more importantly, we want the perfect candidate to get the job so our clients are thrilled with the new hire.

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